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Feather & Noise was born in early 2013 by Alison Long, however the idea had been brewing for many years before.  Alison has more than 13 years’ experience in retail as a Visual Merchandiser, Ladies Buyer and Senior Sales Rep.  She decided it was time to gather up all her years of passion, experience, dedication and extensive knowledge of fashion, and bring her beloved drive for selling and styling to a wider range of other likeminded people.  After her official first year out of the Fashion Industry with a new job description as a ‘Stay at Home Mum’ and with maternity leave quickly coming to an end, it was time to make F&N a reality and bring some of the most stylish and affordable trends to the market place.

Alison loves to wear denim, stripes, basic tees and would describe herself as a jeans girl, but always mad for a great shirt, usually layered & worn open.  “Be it chambray, check or a crisp white, I love a good collar over my casual jeans & tee style.”  With a fast-paced business, a phone that never stops and two children under 3 years, Alison must be ready within five minutes. “Time is everything and choosing what to wear has to happen quickly!”

This is the motto & inspiration behind many of F&N styles; practical, easy, staple, timeless pieces.  Often with a twist such as a great print, a stripe, a touch of leather or leopard and always a good elastic waist for all the stylish Mums, both pre and post pregnancy.  “I’ve been there twice & I know how important a great stylish elastic waist pant is for any new Mum!"  As our lives get busier and busier, we aim provide convenience to the time poor, and make shopping easier, simpler and hassle free.

“I just wanted an outlet to style, share and sell all the gorgeous trends that I love to wear.  If I can help make others as happy as I am when I wear an F&N style, then that brings so much joy to me!"

Our posts are always a burst of new styles or trends that we desperately want to share with you, inspiring you to spoil yourself with a little retail therapy.  We love that our customers trust us and come to us for advice and help, and most of all continually return to shop with us.  We work exceptionally hard to ensure we reply to every email, message or phone call and pride ourselves on giving the most passionate customer service and care.

Alison and the F&N team x



Jess has been with F&N from the very beginning, … and by that we mean the VERY beginning. Jess and Ali have gone from packing orders together at the Cotton Mills, followed by a switch into two different HQ’s. Jess has recently gone on maternity leave and is expecting a baby girl very soon (our first F&N bub!). She has worked in retail for over 10 years in many different roles – both online and in store, styled product/lifestyle and has also created flatlay content for a variety of different labels.

This talented lady is a huge fashionista – Jess is brave with her fashion choices and has the most amazing talent styling the F&N collections. She loves inspiring women with their individual style and isn’t afraid to try something new.  You can find Jess on Instagram at @ivorymoth where she expresses her love for styling and fashion, she also has her own blog where she talks all things fashion and showcases her work and inspirations.



We like to call her the human version of sunshine! Em has worked in fashion and ecommerce since 2005 – which is where her love for the world of online retailing really began. It is an industry she holds close to her heart and one she feels so privileged to be a part of every day. 

This special lady is one of the kindest women you will ever meet – she’s that wise soul we all go to for advice in the office and gives hugs as warm as her soul. She has a husband called Liam and is a Mother of two – they mean the world to her and when she talks about them her face lights up like a Christmas tree. On the weekends, you’ll find them adventuring down the coast together where Emily grew up.

Em is that humble, genuine and compassionate person we all look up to and loves her time at HQ — “ They honestly light up my life. And keep me young at heart… (insert the wink face emoji LOL)! I can HONESTLY say that it really is such a joy to be a part of such a special team #dreamteam”.



Bonnie graduated from her journalism degree in 2017. After going on a mandatory post study trip to Europe she was selected for the first internship position at F&N —in the social media sector. She has always had a deep desire to work in fashion and is now the social media strategist at F&N. 

She entertains you on the gram with those killer moves, she makes you want to laugh so hard with her cheesy one-liners... and her own special language that only those dear to her can truly decipher. She is our treasure, a beautiful human being on the inside and out. Bonnie is most likely the person replying to your lovely comments or DM’s on Insta! Some of her favorite things are coffee, dancing (if you watch our stories you’d already know this), river walks and shopping. She is also known for her investigative skills on the gram — she will know what holiday you went on in 2002 and possibly who all of your cousins are. 

Bonnie loves coming to work every day in what she describes as her “dream job with a dream team – I couldn’t imagine life without my F&N family”.



Emalee has gained lots of experience in different areas since graduating high school – she dabbled in finance but then found where her true passions lay in Public Relations and Advertising. On a day-to-day basis Emalee can be found working her magic across Snapchat, Instagram, EDM’s and E-commerce.

This bubbly human has a serious shopping addiction - so working at Feather And Noise has only made matters more severe. This works in her favor though because as one of our main social media engagement officers, you can be sure she’s tried on every single item F&N has to offer. If you have a question about the fit of our clothing – she’s your gal. We love her attention to detail and eagerness to try new tasks, whether that be hand modelling for a flatlay or having a go at graphic design.

Her weekends are filled with lots of coffees, occasional hikes, obsessive Instagram scrolling and adding a million things to her cart for hours on end. Emalee is so excited to be a part of the F&N team - “it’s an amazing team of inspirational women whom I can’t wait to learn from.”



Ali has worked in marketing and communications for 10 years with experience in a variety of industries including beauty, events, health and fitness to name a few. Ali loves staying up-to-date with the latest digital and social media trends, creating fun content and killer marketing and advertising strategies.

Ali is part time at F&N and runs her own business called Society State. We miss her dearly when she’s not in but we stalk her religiously on her Instagram handle @societystate to see what she’s up to & are constantly chatting on DM’s. She is a huge support to our SM team and is always striving for her team members to achieve their best with bulk high-fives and little squeals of glee.

When she has a spare moment – you’ll find her walking her fur-babies (2x the cutest Italian greyhounds we’ve ever seen), participating in fun runs, shopping, DIY jobs around the house, writing blogs and reading a good book. Be sure to follow @societystate for some amazing digital marketing tips.



Megan (better known as Meggy or Megsy) has a bachelor in tourism & hospitality management and worked in this field up until 2014 when she decided to join the retail industry - she has always loved fashion and the convenience of online shopping!

This woman is the most organized person we’ve ever come across and knows where every single item of clothing resides in that warehouse. Seriously. Every single piece. Being the first person to open new deliveries and seeing the product first hand – not a week goes by where she doesn’t take home a sneaky order (which she attempts to hide from her fiancé Reece).

It is rare to find this lady without a cup of her beloved green tea in hand or without a huge smile on her face. In her spare time Megan enjoys sleeping, drinking tea and watching Netflix with her partner. She has recently been approved as an Australia citizen which we are super happy about because we’d be lost without her!

Megan loves her role and is so thrilled to be a part of the F&N team – “I love how supportive the team is. It’s a super fun group of women and we learn from each other everyday”.



Sharni has an extensive background in the retail industry as a Planning Analyst and Buyer – it’s an industry she knows well and thrives in.

She loves her role at F&N because it’s so varied and every single day is different – whether she’s flat out packing orders or organizing stock in the warehouse. Just like her side-kick Megan, she is forever taking home all the new styles and especially loves the dresses at F&N. When the team needs some wisdom (ranging from boy talk to philosophy) or just general life advice, they’ll stroll down to the warehouse and book in a session with Sharn at the packing bench.

She is an amazing Mother of two girls and is super close with her family who live around the corner – she hangs out with them most weekends. Sharn also has a deep love for metafit and goje.

Sharni loves coming in to work with a young and vibrant team at F&N - “Everyone has always got a smile on their face and are willing to lend a helping hand”.



Bronte has done it all – she’s worked at a company that designs shoe orthotics, been a skin care specialist (she provides every makeup tip you could ever imagine at HQ) and also in fashion. She has a Bachelor in arts with honors in ancient civilization – specializing in women and myths. The woman is TALENTED!

Her customer service skills are impeccable and she enjoys the role as helping others is her favorite thing to do – she has a gentle manner & the most comforting smile. Bronte loves the variety of her position at F&N and will be the lady answering all your queries on Livechat. She answers every single enquiry with her whole heart and may we add - her typing skills are next level.

In her down time, you’ll find this clever lady reading, creative writing, swimming, dog spotting and going on little adventures with her partner on the weekend.

Bronte is excited to tackle her new role in 2019 and loves the work culture at F&N – “It’s nice to walk in everyday and see everyone smiling and really excited about the day”.

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